Our Story

In a country where 60% population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture for their livelihood and overall produces the 16% of the total GDP of country because of which this sector requires promising and sustainable future.

Reach To Roots partners with different NGOs and government organizations for implementation of various projects focusing on the development of the community as whole. Reach To Roots is always committed for the development of the rural India in each and every way possible.

The major areas in which Reach To Roots works are:

  • Sustainable management of Natural Resources
  • promotion of rural technologies and providing appropriate technological solution.
  • Health care
  • Education and awareness generation
  • Farmer Producer Organization Development

Reach To Roots transfer knowledge and modern technological tools to the village community for their empowerment. Reach To Roots strongly believes that the collective participation of community is required for the balanced and sustainable solution.


To provide solutions to last mile problems of the unexplored/marginalized sector of India by filling the gaps that need to be filled for the development of individuals and the community, to enrich the lives of the Indian people.


We believe in providing effective, sustainable solutions to our stakeholders (i.e FPC, NGO, Government agencies, Social entrepreneur, Farmers etc.) with high level of Socio-Analytical skills without compromising technological advancement and with highest standard of business ethics and values.


Some of Projects been undertaken by Reach To Roots include, creating business plan and model for the dairy farm, setting up a MSME for roasting industry, development of non-conventional energy resources such as bio-gas for household cooking, new technology in agro-waste industry and promotion of young groups for implementation of several technological products.